9-17-22 JUST IN BIG Firearm & Accessories AUCTION! SATURDAY 10 AM

September 17, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

BIG Firearm & Accessories AUCTION!
Gun Collection from The Estate of Dick Congdon and
Quality Hobbyist Radio Control Helicopters
The Verdi Club – 2532 N Marks Ave, Fresno, CA 93722
West of 99 and North of Clinton
Preview begins  Saturday 8am to 10am

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Items up for auction Include:
Ruger New Model Single Six .22Cal revolver in original box w/ extra cylinder
Smith & Wesson 38/44 Heavy Duty .38 Special Revolver in original box
Smith & Wesson covered hammer .357 Magnum Revolver
Springfield XD .45Acp pistol
WW2 U.S. property Remington Rand Mo.1911A1 .45Acp pistol
Valmet Lahti L-35 9mm pistol
Smith & Wesson Mo.629 .44mag revolver completely engraved
Smith & Wesson Mo.27-2 .357Mag revolver w/display case
Smith & Wesson Mo.19-3 .357Mag revolver w/ display case
Kimber Ultra Carry II .45 Acp pistol w/ Crimson Trace laser grips
Winchester Mo.1894 (pre ‘64) .32ws rifle w/ folk art carved stock and forearm.
Remington Mo.12 pump takedown .22
Springfield Armory Mo.1898 30-40Crag U.S. Marked with rare J.W. Fecker scope
U.S. Military M1Carbine .30cal
U.S. Military Remington Mo.03A3
WW2 era Persian Mauser
WW2 Mosin Nagnt M44 7.62×54 w/ folding bayonet
Remington Mo.700 bolt action rifle .7mm RemMag w/ weaver scope
Henry lever action 410 rifle in original box
Ruger 10-22 rifle w/ Weaver scope
Remington 7615 Police pump rifle .556 NATO/ .223 REM w/ Bushnell Baner scope and Leupold mounts
Remington Mo.597 Magnum Rifle .22 WinMag
Winchester Mo.1887 12Ga lever action shotgun w/ Wells Fargo 1898 leather stock cover
Western Field Mo.35 12Ga pump action shotgun
Antique Hunter Arms SxS double barrel 12Ga
Like new Remington 870 Magnum shotgun 12Ga
Factory engraved Winchester Mo.59 Win-Lite 12Ga semiauto shotgun w/ extra barrels
Winchester Mo.13 Defender 12Ga
Crossman 1008 Repeatair pellet guns
At Airsoft Gun
Align 800Helicopter
Align 450Helicopter
SS1000 Video Processing Chase Cam,
Vuzix Wrap920 Video Eyewear,
Nano 5.8 Modular Receiver,
8FG Super 14 channel RC controller,
OSD pro system GPS for RC drones,
PC links,
K&S rotor balancer,
mCPx Bladeheli,
Gyroscopic camera mount and helicopter base.
Tons of connections,
and parts for RC helicopters and drones.
Ammo including; 22LR .223 .22mag 30-30 7mm 8mm .30Cal .32winspc 12Ga 16Ga 410Ga S&W460 .45Acp

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