1-30-20 Thursday Night Collectible Knives Galore Auction  with Collectibles & 1997 Mercury Mountaineer & More! 

January 30, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
Steve San Sebastian 559 -930-7218

Thursday Night Collectible Knives Galore Auction 
with Collectible Knives & 1997 Mercury Mountaineer & More!
January 30, 2020 at 6pm 
650 Fulton St., Fresno, CA 93721
Preview beginning at 10am

This Auction includes:
HUGE Collection of Various knives and knife sets,collectible lighters, brass figurine, 1997 Mercury Mountaineer such as:

Partial list of pocket watches: Please see photos for more details.
Collectible knife sets in boxes, Jessie James Gun knife and bullet knife, Colt knife, many sheath knives, commemorative military knife set, pearl handled 2005 Winchester knife set, Ozark trail and forest knife, large Eagle folding knife, Smith and Wesson gun nights, Small pistol cigarette lighter, brass scale, Mustang, Milwaukee, Gerber and K-bar knives, ladies, motorcycle, cars lighters, redneck toothpick knife, Gerber machete, Smith and Wesson bull’s eye knife with case, curved blade knife with case, chip away knife with Redwood handle, multi tool knives, multi tool knives,

In the Jewelry Case: Arnex 17 jewel hunter pocket watch, Milan hunter pocket watch, colorized Buffalo  nickel pendant,  West clock Scotty pocket watch, straight razor pocket knife, vintage pocket compass, Money clips, Lionel train pocket watch, rodeo belt buckle, Asian snuff bottle, sterling chain with baby ring, Dad motif pocket watch and knife set, Field & Stream watch in case, collectible quarter collection & coins.

Additional auction items: metal toy airplanes, Reno vintage slot machine, vintage red gas cans, wooden toys Knife cases and eyeglass cases, hand painted saw, oil lanterns, army bags, army ammo boxes, 1942 USA army shovel, dry utility Box, Buffalo figurines, chafing pan and stand, hand & power  tools and tool boxes, hand and power tools, chafing pen and stand, baseball bats, baseball hats, cigar boxes, vintage pinball games, squirrel nut cracker, train, tracks, cars and tractors, Lionel clock,  John Deere gas tank toy bank, Lionel music Box, jewelry cases, model ships, cast iron dog, John Deere items, radio flyer items, shotgun shell thermos, cowboy spur, handcuffs, assorted cigarette lighters,  American Indian pounding rock, American Flag in triangle wood presentation box,  guitar, sharp TV, brass eagle, brass genie lamps, brass swans, brass cannon,  4 Robinson figurines and more!

Check Back for photos and more details by Wednesday!!!

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